Saturday, November 13, 2010

+ Basic Introduction | Kids and Family Portraiture by Min, Cikimiki +


To book a seat (or more! :-) ) at Cempedak Studio's workshop:

1. E-mail us which workshop you would like to book
2. Bank in 50% of the total amount to our account. Balance shall be paid on the event's day.
3. E-mail / fax us the transaction slip and we will hand out payment receipts for verified payments.

That's all! :-)

For more info on booking of our workshops, please call 013.670.1890 or email

Thanks! :-)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

+ Content of Johan Sopiee & Syahrin Aziz workshop +

For those who might want to join but need to know what are the details of this 1-day course, this is the rough content of the class. Seats are still available, and we're looking to fill up just maybe between 10-15 students for this one. So book now to get the special price!

Who should join? Beginners and intermediate alike, you will learn a lot of new things from this two experienced international photographer.

Call / sms now at +6013.670.1890 or email to book your seat. 

Topic : Playing with Lights
By : Johan Sopiee
Objective : Learn effective Creative Lighting System techniques, tips and tricks to pull it off

- Quick Run Thru of Basics : Exposure, Natural Light and Flash Basics

- Creative Lighting with Natural Light

- Basic Creative Lighting with Remote Flash

- Intermediate Creative Lighting with Flash Modifiers

- CLS tips for Light Subtraction

- Activity

- Review of Photos and Feedback

- CLS with Gels and other Advanced Techniques

Topic : Photo Editing by Syahrin Aziz
By : Syahrin Aziz 
Objective : Learn fantastic techniques to bring live to your images

- Exposure, Brightness, and Contrast

In this lesson you'll learn how to properly expose your photo (your second chance at exposure if you didn't get it right in-camera), and add in some beautiful high contrast by enhancing the brights, midtones, and darks in your photos.

- Colours and Tint - Learn the secrets of great black and white conversion, and other tones that suits your image

- Photo management - Learn how to resize your photos to a specific size, both for printing and for sharing on the web. Presentation of your photos is important to bring sales (if you're looking to generate some income ) and it's down to how you present you work.

- Basic Action, Masking and Portrait retouching.

- Review of Images Edited and Feedback

And these are some of their work:

Monday, October 18, 2010

Terima Kasih and Welcome!

Some of you might laughed... hard, when you first time heard the name. Some of you might frowned. Grinned. Ridicule maybe. "What da' heck of a name is that?!"


To say half would be exaggerating, but quarter at least, of the battle has just been won! :-) The very least I get out of the, well, you can say 'wacky' name, is, I managed to get a reaction even just a lil' bit from you! :-).. That's the battle of grabbing your attention ladies and gentlemen! ;-) And I've won and landed you here! Yeay!

Buah Cempedak di Luar Pagar
Ambil Galah Tolong Jolokkan
Saya Budak Baru Belajar
Kalau Salah Tolong Tunjukkan

Familiar? Why not, even as standard one pupils, we were already exposed to this 'pantun'. Among the most familiar, this 'pantun' describes that as someone new to something, if we are wrong, feel free to show us the right way. Humble attitude is one, and the willingness to learn and receive guidance from others are good values we should have in our everyday's life.

Noticed the 'cempedak' in the pantun? Why can't it be mempelam or mango, or rambutan? Hehehe.. Anyway, as long as i can remember, just looking at this fruit, will make me think about this pantun. Hehe. But hey! It's just me. But I really love the usage of 'cempedak' in a very well known pantun, that represents so many good values, especially for those who are seeking new knowledge.

With that, in the name of Allah the most Merciful and Graceful, I would like to present to you Cempedak Studio, my latest venture that involves enriching us with new knowledge. A place where we can learn new things. Practice what we have learnt too. And the best part of it, it's not just photography you can learn here, plenty of interesting subjects shall be lined up for you. From shooting videos to photo editing, from gubahan hantaran to pelamin decorating, you can learn from the industry experts at Cempedak Studio.

 The actual 'home' for Cempedak Studio is yet to be completed, but our virtual one is, well, you're looking at it. Hehehe... Not much still, but we would like to have the work ongoing and you can see the progress from day one. As soon as our new studio is ready, InsyaAllah we will announce on the opening event and hope to see you there!

Anyway, I'm really looking forward for your support. I'm new too to this kind of project. SO, being true to the pantun,....

Kalau Salah Tolong Jolokkan!  ;-P


+ Principal
Pretty Peektures
Cempedak Studio
+ Creative Director
Motion Peektures